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Can You Smell The Irony?

Posted in Social & Political with tags , , , , on June 16, 2017 by xaipe

I’m honestly not going to say much about this here. I just want to point out that the entire compendium of Rights he lists as necessary for Cuba are the very things he would love to get rid of in the United States (read here, here, here, & here to make up your own mind).

Also, let’s not forget, the burgeoning hospitality investment by U.S. companies in Cuba does NOT include Trump businesses because as long as he is POTUS he’s legally shut out of those markets. One has to wonder if he’s not actually attempting to hamstring his competitors while he sits out of the market.

Let’s at least be clear about one thing: this policy has absolutely nothing to do with freedoms for Cuba & everything to do with pandering to a miniscule subset of Americans who can’t let go of the past, as should be evident by the number of times POTUS said, “Bay of Pigs.”

Motherfucker, please!