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Where Do These Numbers Come From?

Posted in Law & Justice, Social & Political with tags , , , , , , , on June 24, 2017 by xaipe

The following transcript is a paraphrase of the conversation in the video, heavily edited for length & clarity. 

Joy Reid: Millions of people gained Medicaid coverage under expansion. 

If you cut the expansion, those people will no longer be eligible.

You’re saying that these individuals won’t lose their coverage but rather trade it in for other coverage.

If that’s true, then where does the CBO find 20 million people losing coverage?

Avik Roy: Well, the people who never signed up for coverage in the first place, under the Obamacare mandate that has never resulted in large numbers of healthy people actually getting insurance, there are 18 million of those people who are counted in the CBO score.

Joy Reid: Are you fucking high?